Asset Management

PROJECT DIMENSIONS, INC.’s (PDI) mission is to maximize the value of each asset through proactively managing each asset with the keen insight and genuine resourcefulness of our asset management professionals. For proper checks and balances, our asset management team gets involved early in the investment process to ensure that they can thoughtfully execute on the business plan. They engage through the underwriting, due diligence and closing process to then take on the value enhancement strategy for each asset, engaging in and carefully monitoring the positioning, marketing, lease-up, improvement plan and ultimate disposition of the property.

  • ASSET REVIEW - Conduct the traditional due diligence research to understand the physical condition, the market in which the property is located, as well as any constraints that may affect the property.

  • ASSET UNDERWRITING / VALUATION - Determine the property’s current market value through in-depth financial analysis and thorough understanding of the leasing and sales market.

  • ASSET BUSINESS PLAN CREATION - Based upon the findings of the asset review, PDI will create a detailed strategy to maximize value of the asset while meeting the goals of the client.

  • SELECTION, COORDINATION & MANAGEMENT OF 3RD PARTIES - Prepare a scope of work, evaluate proposals and select consultants. Upon hiring, PDI acts as the owner’s representative to manage the day-to-day activities of each consultant.

  • OVERSIGHT OF PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - Oversee the property maintenance services to ensure the care, protection and maintenance of the property in a first-class condition.

  • NEGOTIATE AND MANAGE PROPERTY DISPOSITION - Hire and oversee the marketing team to ensure maximum marketing coverage. Negotiate contracts on behalf of the owner and coordinate the entire disposition process with appropriate parties.