Entitlement Services

Starting with undeveloped land or an under-utilized building, PROJECT DIMENSIONS (PDI) can provide a client with a complete picture of the development opportunities and requirements associated with those opportunities. With this understanding, PDI can assist clients in determining the highest and best use for their property and aid them in securing the necessary approvals and permits in order to develop their property including general / specific plan amendments, local coastal program amendments, zone changes, subdivision maps, tract maps, conditional use permits, coastal development permits, variances, airport clearances, easements, architectural review and environmental approvals.

  • DEFINITION OF OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS - Conduct the traditional due diligence research of planning and zoning restrictions, geological and environmental conditions to determine the feasibility and constraints of the site and identify the highest and best use for the for the project.

  • JURISDICTIONAL ASSESSMENTS - Establish working relationships with municipality and agency staff and other stakeholders to assess feasibility and scheduling options.

  • PLAN EVALUATION - Conduct comprehensive analysis of existing planning and development plans, implementation and / or development agreements, special conditions of project approval, and mitigation measures to determine project viability.

  • CONCEPTUAL LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVE PREPARATION - Formulate design options based on identified strategy objectives, stakeholder recommendations, and priorities.

  • BUILDING ASSESSMENT - Analyze existing buildings or facilities and make recommendations to increase value.

  • COMPREHENSIVE MASTER SCHEDULING - Create and update a comprehensive master Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule that identifies the key milestones for the project and the activities necessary to achieve those objectives.

  • PROJECT PHASING PLANNING - Identify major project components and optimize phasing strategies for achieving development objectives to support project milestones.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENTATION PREPARATION AND PROCESSING - Oversee the preparation of required jurisdictional applications and technical studies, including Environmental Impact Reports, subdivision mapping, development agreements, and negotiation of any special implementation agreements with counties, cities and/or agencies such as the California Coastal Commission, the Federal Aviation Administration, Historic Districts, Architectural Review Boards, Fire Departments, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Caltrans, and the Army Corps of Engineers, etc.

  • PUBLIC OUTREACH - Work closely with the client and community stakeholders to develop a public outreach and communications plan to educate the public, uncover concerns, address issues, develop consensus and garner support for the project. PDI can facilitate public workshops, focus groups, conduct opinion surveys, make public presentations and provide other kinds of community outreach as needed.

  • PUBLIC HEARINGS - Act as the owner’s representative in public hearings regarding the project approvals by preparing and making public hearing presentations and addressing questions from governing approval bodies and the general public.

  • PERMITTING - Prepare, submit, negotiate, monitor and process entitlement permit applications with the appropriate agencies at the local, regional, state or federal level as needed on behalf of our clients.