Scope of Services

PDI provides land use evaluation, entitlement services, project management and construction management, as well as forensic analysis and workout services for residential master planned communities, commercial business centers, golf courses, and municipal facilities.

Land Use Evaluation and Entitlement Services

Starting with undeveloped land or an under-utilized building, PDI can provide a client with a complete picture of the development opportunities and the requirements associated with those opportunities.

  • Definition of Objectives and Constraints – conduct the traditional due diligence research of planning and zoning restrictions, geological conditions, and environmental reports to determine conceptual alternatives and financial feasibility.

  • Jurisdictional Assessments – establish working relationships with municipality and agency staff and other stakeholders to assess feasibility and scheduling options.

  • Plan Evaluation – conduct comprehensive analysis of existing planning and development plans, implementation and/or development agreements, special conditions of project approval, and mitigation measures to determine project viability.

  • Conceptual Land Use and Development Alternative Preparation – formulate design options based on identified strategy objectives, stakeholder recommendations, and priorities.

  • Building Assessment – analyze existing buildings or facilities then make recommendations to increase value through renovation with a focus on sensible “green building” technology.

  • Comprehensive Master Scheduling – create and update a comprehensive master CPM schedule that identifies the key milestones for the project and the activities necessary to achieve those objectives.

  • Project Phasing Planning – identify major project components and optimize phasing strategies for achieving development objectives with alternative phasing options to support project milestones.

  • Environmental Documentation Preparation and Processing – oversee the preparation of all required jurisdictional applications and technical studies, including Environmental Impact Reports, subdivision mapping, development agreements, and negotiation of any special implementation agreements with cities and agencies such as the Department of Fish and Game, Caltrans, and the Corps of Engineers.

  • Realistic Project Financial Analysis – create accurate proformas, including all hard and soft costs, and cash flow reports, to assist decision makers.

Project Management Services

PDI has the experienced staff to act as the owner’s representative to guide a project through the design and approval process.

  • Consultant Selection – prepare all proposed consultant scopes of work, evaluate proposals and select the best suited architect and consultant team for the project.

  • Consultant Administration – negotiate all consulting contracts; obtain insurance certificates, and review and process consultant invoices.

  • Consultant Management – act as the owner’s representative; oversee the preparation of design and engineering plans throughout the process (schematic design, design development, and construction documents) to ensure that budgets are met and documents coordinated to minimize change orders.

  • Entitlement Processing – identify any remaining or additional entitlements required for the project and coordinate the completion of all required tasks through final approvals.

  • Community Relations – identify stakeholders then facilitate the dissemination of project-related information to community groups, homeowners and/or merchant associations as needed to obtain local support of the project proposal.

  • Project Schedule – develop a project schedule that identifies a work breakdown structure of all tasks and durations to complete the project.

  • Project Budget – prepare a budget that includes all major work elements and their associated costs, budgetary reports, and cash flow projections.

  • Project Implementation Plan – prepare a plan that identifies the timing and cost control strategies for completing all major work components and project deliverables within project budget and schedule requirements.

  • Value Engineering Review – conduct a detailed review of the plans to determine if cost savings can be achieved by modifying building systems or details without compromising quality or the intent of the design.

  • Constructability Review – conduct a detailed review of the plans to confirm the most cost effective means of construction.

  • LEED “Green Building” Certification – manage the consultant team to achieve the desired level of “green building” LEED Certification.

Construction Management Services

PDI can oversee the preparation of construction plans, contractor and supplier selection, and onsite construction to assure the project achieves the desired quality, schedule and cost objectives.

  • Consultants Team Coordination – coordinate the consultants to complete the construction drawings (architectural, engineering, and landscape plans), specifications and cost estimates.

  • Plan Processing and Approval Oversight – process plans and obtain all agency approvals required for the project to assure timely issuance of building permits.

  • Cost Estimating – prepare estimates of cost for completing the project under established design and construction criteria.

  • Project Bidding – coordinate the public or private bid process for the client from the preparation of bid documents to contract award.

  • Contractor Selection / Negotiations – coordinate the evaluation and selection of contractors to assure that they are appropriate for the size and complexity of the project. Negotiate terms of the Construction Contract to minimize ownership’s risk.

  • Budget Control – implement industry understood software based systems for monitoring budgets with respect to cost-to-date, submitted schedule of values, and cost-to-complete analysis.

  • Schedule Control – prepare periodic CPM schedule updates to identify the current completion status and forecast future milestone activities identified in the project schedule.

  • Document Control – maintain a complete filing system of all construction correspondence and other project related records.

  • Contract Administration – oversee all aspects of the contracts, obtain insurance certificates, review and evaluate contractor payment requests and invoices.

  • Onsite Project Management – conduct all project construction meetings and oversee all aspects of the construction process to ensure work is in compliance with the approved plans, specifications, and costs.

  • Onsite Observation/Quality Control – observe the progress and quality of construction to assure development objectives are achieved, including follow up on all punch list items to assure timely completion.

  • Inspections and Clearances – obtain and coordinate all necessary project-related testing and inspections.

  • As-Built File Maintenance – coordinate all “as-built” documentation, including any changes to the approved set of project construction drawings to close-out permits.

  • Safety/Security Oversight – review contractor safety procedures and security measures to maintain a safe and secure jobsite.

  • Project Closeout – assemble all project close-out items including drawings, equipment maintenance manuals, warranties and release waivers. Schedule and conduct MEP equipment start up seminars.

Forensic Analysis and Workout Services

For troubled projects, PDI has the expertise to step in and assist owners and managers to get the project back on track.

  • Project Stabilization – determine and take all immediate actions required to stabilize the project.

  • Project Evaluation – evaluate project with respect to potential completion dates and financial health. Determine the next steps required by ownership.

  • Document Review – locate and review all project regulatory requirements, construction documents, correspondence, permits, and insurance certificates.

  • Entitlement Status and Completion – determine what entitlements have been received and what work needs to be completed; direct the consultants for any further special

  • study requirements; represent the client at all agency hearings.

  • Cost Analysis – validate cost to complete the work.

  • Agency and Utility Deposit Recovery – conduct a review of all deposits paid and obtaining the maximum amount of refunds.

  • Mechanics Lien Resolution – review any mechanic liens recorded on job and determine the best method to mitigate them.

  • Construction Defect Analysis – conduct studies to determine potential causes for construction defects.

  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support – provide expert testimony and litigation support on entitlement, design and construction issues.